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Hi, I’m Luke!

Welcome to Veggie Homestead.

I believe connecting with nature reduces stress, and helps us to feel connected to ourselves, and our communities.

Using homesteading activities like gardening, and food preservation, you can learn to become more self sufficient, save money, and connect with nature.

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to know what to do?

How do some people just seem to know how to fix a toilet, or grow a vegetable garden? It might seem like an innate ability.

I’m here to tell you its not.

Some people learnt these skills earlier in life, so it might not seem like a big deal to them to just start a garden, but it isn’t like that for everyone.

To become a self sufficient person takes practice. And even though it doesn’t sound like it, self sufficiency is best gained through connecting with others.

Taking the first step to put yourself out there can feel really scary, but its a great way to connect with others who can help you learn. You’ve already taken the first step by being here, and thats a big deal.

If you want to learn how to become more experienced in gardening, home do-it-yourself activities, or baking/cooking taking a chance on yourself is a great place to start.

If you’ve been struggling to bake or cook from scratch due to allergies, check out my food page. I provide a series of recipes I’ve created from scratch using meatless, dairy, egg, and soy free ingredients. They are also great recipes for folks without allergies too!

If you are wanting to grow a garden, but have no idea where to start, take a look at my free guide to vegetable gardening. Or explore other gardening topics to build your skills faster.

No matter where you are in your journey to homesteading, or self-sufficiency, we’re here to help you on your way. Take a look around, leave a comment, and check us out on instagram @veggie_homestead.

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