21 Ways to become a better gardener

Gardening is a fantastic activity. It is such a versatile way to experience nature. There are many different things that one can learn and read about to become a better gardener. There will always be ways that we can improve our knowledge, and learn more. Gardening is a subject where no one is ever really … Read more 21 Ways to become a better gardener

Getting to Know Soil

So you’ve got your bucket, and seed packet ready. But the question remains, how do you know what kind of soil to fill your bucket up with? Soil is one of those things that I never really thought about when it came to gardening. I always used to think, well whatever is in the ground … Read more Getting to Know Soil

Grow Light Guide to Indoor Gardening

The must know info for growing indoors Grow light is an increasingly popular way to grow plants and vegetables inside. Especially if you live in an area that has a long winter, with extended days of low light. You may have heard about grow lights being used in greenhouses, or from keen gardeners who want … Read more Grow Light Guide to Indoor Gardening

Winter Holiday Plants

Holiday plants are everywhere! Become the envy of any holiday party by sharing these weird and fun holiday plant facts and traditions.

The ultimate guide to urban gardening spaces

A ‘no yard’ way to garden in the city With a changing housing market, and the push for people to live in smaller spaces, or more condensed cities, the ability to grow for ourselves is also changing. This guide to urban gardening will walk you through some alternative gardening space options. “Not in my backyard” … Read more The ultimate guide to urban gardening spaces

Garden Tools: When to call a spade

What is it, why might you need it, and how can it help you? Garden tools have specific uses, and knowing which one will help you in your garden will set you on the right path to keeping your garden in top shape.