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Bringing the garden to your table

A big part of this site is focused on growing food. But what good is growing food, if you are not sure how to cook with it.

I have a complicated relationship with food. I grew up with a lot of food allergies that I still have to this day. These allergies meant that eating food was always a chore for me. I hated cooking, and only really liked baking for the artistic component.

Now, as an adult, my eating habits have improved, and I have come to enjoy cooking and baking. I also really love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from pulling something fresh from the garden and turning it into a meal.

All of the recipes here are made with things that I can eat, and enjoy. There are lots of places on the internet for recipes filled with dairy, and meat products, among other things.

All of my recipes are always dairy, egg, and soy free. Although I am not vegan, I adhere to an almost completely vegan and soy free diet.

I would love to hear your feedback if you try a substitute for something in these recipes, and how it turned out. Because I can’t eat a lot of common baking foods, I would love to be able to share how your experiments go. I am sure folks in the comments will want to hear about it too.

Please let me know if there are any recipes you would like me to try. I will gladly try to make adaptations to share.