Growing more than vegetables

When I think about gardening, I think about life.

I don’t just mean life, because I am growing things that are alive, and started from a tiny seed.

While I think that is an incredible feat of nature, to me gardening is about fostering curiosity in life.

I’ve always been an incredibly curious person. It has been both a gift and a bit of a hinderance. I am sometimes so curious that I can lose focus on the main goals at hand.

With gardening I have a concentrated focus. I can be curious, and ambitiously plan and experiment with all kinds of things in the garden, but at the end of the day, I’m still growing, and collaborating with nature.

It is also really exciting to watch your hard work pay off in such a visible and tangible way. I have always been able to find my focus in nature.

This site is a place for me to connect with you, and share a curiosity of nature, and growing together.

Gardening used to seem like it was only for older, financially established people. Vegetable gardens seemed like something only families with backyards could have.

My family gardened a lot when I was young, and although I was exposed to gardening and farming from a young age, I never really appreciated it. I always took for granted what it meant to pull dinner out of the ground less than an hour before we ate it.

Now that I live in a busy urban concrete sprawl, I crave open fields, and land to grow on again. I have done my best to make up for the lack of space with a lot of indoor gardening, using containers outside the front door of my building, and finding space in a local community garden.

Its not perfect, and I am by no means an expert, or master gardener. But I love learning from experience and others, and hope to continue to discover the wonders of life through growing food, and flowers.

Growing your own food, and gardening is about more than just putting something on the table to eat. It is about accomplishment, sustainability, community, and pride.

I hope that by exploring this site, you will discover and share in the curiosities of nature, growing, and gardening.

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